Anna Fro Vodder

It Only Takes Two Fingers to Stop a Nose from Bleeding

14.08 – 20.09.2003

The title of the exhibition is quoted from an ordinary medical journal. The title points to a condition where something is broken - a stroke to the nose followed by bleeding. But it also describes a simple solution to the problem - a patch, or a sort of a collage, where the body is put back together again…This little drama is a parallel to what is going on in the exhibition. The paintings testify disruption, breaks and errors, and in spite of this it displays an attempt to collect and patch up these breaks by putting the parts together.


If you are familiar with the works of Anna Fro Vodder, you will probably find that these works are much more figurative than it has been the case earlier. In several works she uses motifs from surroundings and everyday life - a stocking commercial for example. But there it also features more dissolved and abstract shapes - broken shapes - that bear witness of struggle and energy, about the artists attempt to patch up and collect.