Lars Nørgård


06.05 – 10.06.2011

The other day I looked at my watch and was able to conclude that it was almost 19 years ago since I had been in Bredgade. Something had to be done, so I saddled my best stretcher and rode off. In Bredgade I saw Mikael Andersen looking for the big composition. I dismounted from my canvas and took out from my back pocket my collapsible easel from “Olafur industries” and placed the painting. “Does it have any sense to it?” Mikael nervously exclaimed, while a small army of fixed points disguised as colored rabbits slipped into the gallery and started to gnaw at the Danish furniture classics. “Sense is there plenty of” I answered cheerfully. We sat down at Mikael’s now one legged desk and started to build a house of cards. “I have to come to the suburbs to see what you doing these days” Mikael said. “Only fair” I replied nervously at the thought of our unfinished pergola. In the suburbs Mikael sits in my nicest chair staring into a rotor, which is about to tear the carpet out from under a small man with a very large hat, a collector of rare fox traps. Heavy bees and tokens flying around in the moonlight illuminated coin laundry, where it all happens. "It looks good," Mikael exclaims. "But is there a meaning?" "Yes," I reply, and just then the exhibition was settled. "If you just complete your pergola before 6 May" Mikael remarks a little harsh on the way out. "Indeed I will".                                                                                                    Lars Nørgård



The exhibition ROTOR & RETUR presents a series of new works by Lars Nørgård. The paintings are built up with complex compositions that dominate the surface and elegantly fil out the canvas. In the works it is possible to recognize Lars Nørgårds accentuation on timbre, but the return of the spatial dimension in the works also requires attention. At the same time figurative elements in his works invite the eye to wander around the canvas. This opens up the works to a multiplicity of interpretations. Lars Nørgård (b. 1956) has graduated from The School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen and Academy of Art College in San Francisco, USA. He is represented at The Danish National Gallery, ARoS Aarhus Artmuseum, Design Museum Denmark, Artmuseum Trapholt, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg and Horsens Artmuseum. Most recently he has exhibited at The Wild 80s at Arken in 2010 and opens a solo exhibition at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg in 2011.