Jörgen Erkius

Katharina-Elizabeth I,II,III

20.06 – 01.08.2008

In Katharina-Elizabeth I,II,III, Swedish artist Jörgen Erkius turns everything upside down by interweaving objects, video and sound.


The artist plays with the viewer’s perception of space and nature. Three red canoes hanging upside down from the ceiling – invite the spectator to immerse himself in a unique environment. The canoes appear to float through the gallery, and the viewer feels as though he can jump on for a ride. The visitor observes natural phenomena emanating from within the canoes: chirping birds, barking dogs and rushing water. What is naturally outside is now inside.


Katharina-Elizabeth I,II,III’s reversal of the world has a distinctive effect on the spectator and allows him to become part of it. It even suggests a relationship between synchronization and causality through a video portrayal of numerous events that creates a meaningful portrayal of staged simultaneity.


This work was exhibited in the group show ‚Anonym‘ at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt in 2007 and will be shown for the first time in a solo show in Berlin. Concurrently with his exhibition at Galerie Mikael Andersen, Erkius will show his work at the ‘Aquamediale 4’ in Lübben.