Anna Fro Vodder, Eske Kath & Mette Winckelmann


26.01 – 03.03.2002

Shamanizia is a joint exhibition with artists Anna Fro Vodder (1974), Eske Kath (1975) and Mette Winckelmann (1971). According to the artists the exhibition title can refer to a place, a condition as well as a construction.


In the exhibition will be a series of individual and collaborative work. As such it will conatin work in different mediums such as painting, print, collage and cloth. And a joint installation will be the rallying point of the exhibition.


The centre of the installation and of the exhibition as a whole, is a carpet stitched together from small and bigger pieces of denim cloth, which has been cut from used jeans, and bleached with chlorine. The carpet has a resemblance to skin, and it lies as a fundament - or 'the white canvas' - under the exhibition. It points to the exhibition theme which evolves around faith, doubt, blinding. The audience can be blinded: in a column made out of painted plywood, a clear light is hidden. The light can be seen through a little hole in the completely sealed cube.