group show


31.05 – 24.06.2001

So it’s time again to focus on the new generation of artists. This time it is the students at Professor Henrik B. Andersens school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts that we are presenting. Under the title 'Golf' 13 young artists show 13 sharp examples of multiples.


Every artist has worked out a multiple, a work - sculpture or other - made as an edition. Editions always opens up the discussion of the 'unique' work as it problematizes the idea of authenticy. It is a discussion that has existed in fine arts since the technique of printing and it has recently been reinforced by the emerge of photographical and digital techniques. The multiple has often been a kind of rebel or orphant in modern art as it seems to point directly towards the economic side of art, which always - despite the ideas of aura, authenticy and originality - has been a part of the artworld. The multiple inevidently announces itself as a commodity but at the same time it makes modern art affordable for all.


The participating artists are: Thomas Bjørkå, Jesper Dalgaard, Rasmus Danø, Peter Døssing, Thomas Bech Frandsen, Camilla Holmgren, Anne Maria Hornshøj, Søren Lose, Lasse Sejr, Morten Søkilde, Julie Nord, Aslak Vibæk, Maria Wandel.